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[#4160] William Green, longtime president of the American Federation of Labor.An early ALS as Ohio State Senator dated May 31, 1912.Brooks has crossed out the address of his hotel and added 17[_ Mar] borough St. Educated at Harvard, he served in major churches in both Philadelphia and Boston.At the end of his life he became a Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Boston.

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He then relates an amusing first-hand account of “John Smith” checking into a crowded hotel Drake stayed at in Philadelphia in 1834.[#4903] Businessman, helped found the American Telegraph Company and finance the first Trans-Atlantic cable. (See Grant listing for Pierrepont’s commission as A.ALS, 1 page, 1872, to Edwards Pierrepont, Grant’s future Attorney General. G.) [#2945] ALS, one page, Worcester, Massachusetts May 1868.Green informs a supporter that he has been selected by Green to be a delegate to the state senatorial convention.Most of Green’s autographs are from this later period as a union leader.

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