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D: Now, some background stuff, pansexual comes along to emphasize diversity of spectrum of gender people might be attracted to, not just two. In here you say you’re an environmental activist, and in the Queer Nation in the 90’s, you know, why do you say that?

I don’t think most people who use bisexual really mean they’re limited to only people who are very feminine or very masculine or something, so they end being pretty much the same thing really. D: I wanted to talk about some of the things that matter to me, and the environmental crisis is big because I think we all need air to breath and water to drink and a habitable planet and little things like that, or how we resolve the queer issues isn’t really going to matter much.

And I say for me, it wasn’t much of a difference, I go out in the world all the time and talk with people, so today was another day of trans visibility, and this evening we have a trans evening of audibility. “Trans evening of audibility” I like that, you know, I’m going to take that from you. K: I mean, why do you think trans people need to be visible?

” D: Well, because otherwise it seems that we just get rubbed out of existence, so it’s important that people see us known and real, and perhaps gain a little more understanding about us in the process, you know it’s not so much imposing ourselves on them, in their faces, it’s like hey, we’re real.

The other thing that’s really important is that there are still a lot of trans people out there who feel isolated, who are even in despair, who need community, who need outreach.

OK, so first question that I ask everyone on this show, what are your preferred gender pronouns, what’s your gender identity, what’s your sexual orientation?

D: OK, I prefer to be her, or she, or herself, and I’m a transsexual woman.

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