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Concurrently, the Italian-language daily newspaper Stella d'Ottobre was nationalized, renamed to Xiddigta Oktoobar ("The October Star"), and began publishing in Somali.Additionally, the regional public networks the Puntland TV and Radio and Somaliland National TV, as well as Eastern Television Network and Horn Cable Television, among other private broadcasters, air programs in Somali.P nyaribari chache 2017, Deribb, Get Jobs Kenya, Alliwah, Rapids Camp Sagana, CBA Loop, Global Star Tours & Travel ltd, Username, Sanlam Kenya, The Real Raila, FIRST WORLD LTD, Jerusalem Prayer Team, Embakasi West Eagle Mamas Welfare Association, Banadir Electronics, Pulse Live Kenya, Car seat covers Kenya, Sohar Properties, Afia EA, Village Market, Motorhub Kiambu road, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Kiss KE, Kenya Hikers, Tours $ Safari Enthusiasts, JIACTIVATE, Governor Patrick Khaemba, Gelian Hotel Machakos, The Star, Kenya, G-Skyye Lounge, Right for Education, Kenya Power, Infinix Mobile, Telkom Kenya, Afri Pulse En, Uhuru For Us, Kimawit secondary school, Naivasha Technical Training institute, Sotik district university students association, Sensei Institute of Technology -Si T, Blue Moon Pure Grain Vodka, Lato Milk, NIVEA, Goldenscape Tree Africa, Safaricom Limited, Kapletundo Community Organisation., Modern Coast Express Ltd, Jubilee Party, RVIST Nakuru, DENSEY TOURS AND TRAVEL, Legend Brandy, Menengai Oil Refineries Ltd, Ecobank Kenya, Menendazi Baking Powder, Chembak Construction Company Limited, Kabras Sugar, Top Fry Kenya, Citi Market. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.Maay is closely related with the Jiddu, Dabarre, Garre and Tunni varieties that are also spoken by smaller Rahanweyn communities.Collectively, these languages present similarities with Oromo that are not found in mainstream Somali.Lamberti subdivides Northern Somali is into three dialects: Northern Somali proper (spoken in the northwest; he describes this dialect as Northern Somali in the proper sense), the Darod group (spoken in the northeast and along the eastern Ethiopia frontier; greatest number of speakers overall), and the Lower Juba group (spoken by northern Somali settlers in the southern riverine areas).

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It is officially mandated with preserving the Somali language.

Somali is the second most widely spoken Cushitic language after Oromo.

Following the start of the Somali Civil War in the early 1990s, the Somali-speaking diaspora increased in size, with newer Somali speech communities forming in parts of the Middle East, North America and Europe.

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