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the red line indicates the borders of the Second Polish Republic from 1918 to 1945 the blue line indicates Polish borders that were supposed to be established after 1945 according to Curzon Line Prussia but because of fault of the allies (mainly the USA), Stalin traced out his version of Polish eastern border on the ground of a pact between Ribbentrop-Mołotow and Hitler-Stalin in 1939 and according to Namier Line.Next, he took himself the northern part of Prussia as plunder (that was accepted by the USA and Great Britain) pink colour indicates the present area of Poland DN - German military sabotage DS - Soviet military sabotage LU - Ukrainian legion OUN-UPA - Hitler’s agents in Poland whose task was to begin internal rebellion while attacking Poland by the III Reich and the Soviet Union (it is called: attack from the inside) This bulletin is dedicated to historical truth about the IV Partition of Poland on September 17-th, 1939, and its influence on modern times, especially the political élite groups in Poland and abroad.

Founded in 1997 by a Catholic single like yourself, Catholic is committed to your needs as a Catholic and matching you with authentic Catholic principles, resources and modern dating technologies. So don’t wait, and let Catholic Singles help you find that perfect match!In the dialects of southern England, road retained its earlier senses of "journey on horseback" and "hostile foray" until the mid-1600s, when the modern sense "public way" became the most common meaning of the word.Later, Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) helped popularize the northern form of the word, raid, through his collections of Scots ballads and his other writings.In the meaning "a military expedition on horseback," raid became part of the general vocabulary of English outside of Scotland and northern England.A trace of the earlier meaning of road, "foray, raid," can still be detected in the compound inroad, literally "a riding or advance into."An operation, usually small scale, involving a swift penetration of hostile territory to secure information, confuse the enemy, or to destroy installations.

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