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We group swiped on a big screen, and the pickings were slim. One of the biggest red flags Resnick sees is what he calls "the sales pitch."The sales pitch is when a guy lists his best "assets" in the "about me" section of his dating profile as if he's a product that you might be buying."You see so many guys just listing a set of qualities that they think they are supposed to have to get the most responses," says Resnick.

I'm pretty sure all of those curious couples in attendance are going to hold onto each other for dear life now. Other times, it takes some real digging around on his dating profile to know that there's nothing promising about it. "They end up sounding more like a used car: 'I'm active, smart, funny, loyal, honest, caring, have ice-cold AC, and leather bucket seats.'"Imagine if I sat down on a date and was like, "Hey, I'm cool, a little neurotic, but have a kind heart, an IUD, and no nutty ex-boyfriends." I would deserve a hard pass.

They have other, more valuable skills that they use in the world and should be given credit for.

It's not easy to show who you are in a few pictures and lines of text, so it's important to keep an open mind. Pull up your Tinder on a big screen with your friends, and provide hamburgers and hot dogs.

"It makes it sound like you think no one would like you without having to be convinced. It will resonate with the right people."Makes sense to me. Obviously, it denotes a shallow-minded person, but it also tells me that this guy has a weirdly high opinion of his own looks or is deeply insecure.

Resnick added, First of all, everyone is looking for someone they find attractive.

Men who are married or already involved often use these kinds of photos (or no photos with a promise to send them later) to avoid detection by people who know them."Lack of pictures is a definite warning sign, but what about when a guy shows too much of himself on the apps? There should be a trigger warning on Tinder that reads "Swiping may lead your eyeballs to bleed from exposure to shirtless mirror selfies."The reason these pictures are such red flags is that they are indicators of your potential date's values."If you see guys taking topless selfies in bathroom mirrors, with their pants pulled down so low you can tell their manscaping habits, it's a good sign you are not only dealing with someone who is not looking for a relationship, but they are potentially either a narcissist or have such a low perception of themselves that they think this is all they have to offer," says Resnick. Judge that book by its cover — guys deserve a break."It's easy to confuse what you think are red flags in men's profiles to men just not being great at creating profiles," stays Stewart.

If there isn’t at least one clear picture of the person, proceed with caution.

Hes a party boy, and might not be your guy unless you want to hang out and clean up his mess at 3am. ” and more clues – What he writes to you directly is extremely telling. If the first email is too generic and mentions nothing specific about you or your profile, he probably didn’t read your profile and is emailing hundreds of women, meaning your probability of hearing back from this guy is low – especially if you’re around his age. Turn your radar on and read between the lines before you agree to go out with someone – and if you’re unsure, seek out someone’s advice on it.

Don’t get romanced by great photos and a high salary.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but when it comes to online dating profiles it’s best to read between the lines. ” She goes full speed ahead – emails back and forth rapidly, and goes on date number one. Sexual overtones – subtle or overt Here are some online dating areas that deserve a look with your magnifying glass: The Profile Text – Look for the Subliminal – What is he really saying? But if were on a dating site for a purpose, we may, in fact, be looking for a real relationship.

A typical story from a new client: A tall, good-looking guy, making over 0,000 with great photos, emails her. After four days, for whatever reason, he sends 50 mean/snarky texts between midnight and 3AM.

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