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Don’t give away all of your preferences along with your presents this season. Hand-in-hand with meeting your needs is choosing a supportive setting to spend the holidays.If your family causes your stress level to skyrocket, you may want to think twice about whether spending two weeks under their roof is a good idea. Nothing kills the holiday spirit like getting a monstrous Mastercard bill after Christmas shopping.Though expectations may be high to give generously, your budget should lead your purchasing decisions.If you’re short on cash, think of creative ways to give that aren’t expensive, like preparing a special meal, or giving the gift of a service that you’re an expert in. Nightmarish holiday travel stories have become commonplace on the news.

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They were hardly generous - only 5 shillings a week, which was a paltry sum even in those days and they were only paid to people over 70.

Jefferson was NO Christian, but considered himself a Unitarian and his beliefs today would be totally rejected by the closet atheists peddling deism today.

Im so worried about her and I dont want her to go through this alone even though she is adament this is what she needs.

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