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The mayor appointed former Bureau of Patrol Chief Eddie T. Mc Carthy resigned at the request of Mayor Emanuel on December 1, 2015 over the city's high murder rate and his department's handling of the shooting of Laquan Mc Donald. Weis had served as superintendent of police since February 2008. Commanders report to the three area deputy chiefs, who report to the Bureau of Patrol Chief.

At the time, Weis was the second Chicago police superintendent hired from outside of the city. In 1960, the municipal government created a five-member police board charged with nominating a superintendent to be the chief authority over police officers, drafting and adopting rules and regulations governing the police system, submitting budget requests to the city council, and hearing and deciding disciplinary cases involving police officers.

Also included in the Bureau of Patrol are the Special Functions Group, the Marine & Helicopter Units, Mounted Units, SWAT, the Traffic Section, and Canine Units.

Following the disbanding of the Special Operations Section in 2007 after much negative publicity and controversies, the Special Functions Group was formed to absorb the specialized units that were not associated with the controversial plain-clothes unit known informally as SOS.

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With the assistance of the First Deputy Superintendent, the Superintendent manages four bureaus, each commanded by a bureau chief. Mc Carthy, former director of the Newark, New Jersey, Police Department, as superintendent; this was approved by the city council on June 8, 2011. The current First Deputy Superintendent is Kevin Navarro, There are 22 police districts, consolidated from 25 in 2012, each led by a commander who oversees his or her district.The department also uses the pattern on some signage, graphics, and architectural detail on newer police stations.Starting salary for Chicago police officers in 2016 is ,078 increased to ,510 after 18 months.The Mounted Unit maintains 32 gelded horses at the South Shore Cultural Center.Chicago detectives are not considered ranking officers, but rather officers assigned to specialized units, e.g.

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